Vintage Tailoring Equipment

For sometime now we have been rescuing vintage tailoring equipment and accessories as we are aware that once gone they will be lost forever.

Having served the tailoring  industry for over 70 years we have marvelled at the fact that so little has changed in the profession and how comforting that is.

However, one example of a disappearing product is the iconic wooden tailors stool as seen below.

These stools were literally cobbled together using old floorboards (often you can see the nail holes in the wood)  and any bits of pine that they could lay their hands on. They were meant to be functional and long lasting not necessarily beautiful or comfortable but because of this everyone is unique. They are a perfect example of early recycling.

We have a selection of these stools in different heights. We don’t restore them just sympathetically clean them and give them a coat of natural wax.

Below is a GEC Vintage Tailoring Iron made in Britain. We came across it on our travels around the Galway Peninsula. The gentleman we bought it off claimed it still works but we have resisted the temptation to plug it in!

Vintage Electric Iron